Teeth cleaning, oral exam and preventive care

Teeth cleaning, oral exam and preventive care is very important for good oral hygiene. Dr. Weitz offers dental care for your entire family. Preventive dental care helps avoid potentially serious oral health problems which can also lead to overall health problems.

teeth cleaningOur dental team works with you to come up with a plan which will help in preserving and prolonging your teeth and healthy gums. Oral hygiene is very important for healthy teeth. That is why Dr. Weitz stresses brushing and flossing your teeth. Dr. Weitz and our team of dental hygienists and dental assistants are committed in helping you develop and practice good dental hygiene practices so that your teeth stay healthy and reduce the chances of expensive cosmetic and surgical dental treatments in future.

We start with regular dental exam of your teeth, including full mouth x-rays, if needed. This allows us to detect and diagnose any issues that may escape visual inspection of your teeth and gums. Based upon our dental exam, we perform teeth cleaning and develop a plan for you to take care of your teeth.

We are conveniently located in off of I-90 in Lorain. We are very close to Amherst, Vermilion, Avon, Avon Lake, Oberlin, Wellington, and Sheffield Village. Call our office at 440-282-1396 to schedule your next dental appointment and find out what we can do to take care of you and your family's dental health.

Visit our contact information page or call us at 440.282.1396 to get more information about our dental office in Lorain to schedule your next dental appointment.

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