Root Canal

Tooth decay sometimes reaches the pulp (nerve) and can get infected. In such cases, Dr. Weitz will recommend root canal therapy. Millions of teeth are saved each year with root canal, or endodontic treatment. Root canal treatment can relieve your toothache and help restore your smile.

root canalWhen the pulp (nerve) is inflamed or infected, delaying treatment will only cause more pain and should be treated as soon as possible to restore your dental health. In such circumstances, root canal therapy is the best choice.

During root canal treatment, we begin with numbing the infected tooth and surrounding area to ensure your comfort and painless procedure. Dr. Weitz then accesses the infected pulp of your tooth and carefully removes the infected pulp. Then he seals the tooth to receive filling.
Teeth fillings are necessary to protect root canaled tooth and restore your dental health. For greater longevity after root canal therapy, Dr. Weitz will recommend crown (link to crowns page) for your tooth.

Root canal treatment is very similar to having routine fillings and can save your natural teeth. It offers many advantages:
• Normal biting sensation
• Normal biting force
• Effective chewing

After our root canal treatment, you will be able to get your natural smile back and enjoy eating the foods you love. With proper care, teeth which have had root canal therapy can last as long as your natural teeth.

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