Crowns are used on your teeth to restore the natural shape of your teeth weakened with large fillings or root canal therapy. Crowns are made basically three ways; solid metals, porcelain on metals, or solid porcelain like materials. Porcelain on metal crowns offer many advantages, including strong and durable teeth, restoring natural look of your teeth and healthier teeth and gums. Cast gold and solid porcelain crowns are used on back teeth for strength and durability. Dr. Weitz's office uses gold as metal of choice on all of his porcelain on metal crowns, for a natural esthetics and no risk of metal allergies. All porcelain crowns looks just like your natural tooth. We match your teeth color to the porcelain crown and as such, your tooth with crown looks just like your other natural teeth.

dental crownsCrowns are placed on your teeth in various situations. Some of them are as follows:
A large filling in a tooth requires a crown. In cases where a cavity is large, just placing tooth filling may weaken the tooth. A filling covers the cavity, but since there is not a lot of natural tooth structure left, the tooth is much more susceptible to the risk of fracture in future.

Root canaled teeth usually need crowns for strength and aesthetics. Any tooth that had a root canal will become more brittle with time and also darken or look less vibrant due to the nerve being removed. If a tooth had root canal treatment, there should be a crown placed.
Porcelain on metal crown is placed on a tooth with large cavity to restore the damaged tooth and restore it to its original strength and appearance. Recent advances in adhesives, including stronger porcelain materials available today allows us to make crowns or fillings out of porcelain.

Do you have a severely damaged tooth?
In case there is severe damage to a tooth where there is not enough natural tooth left to place a crown over it, we may need to perform an electric root canal. Then the tooth gets reinforced filling placed and a crown is placed on the tooth to restore the natural look of your teeth.
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